Writing arabic for kids

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Writing arabic for kids

Learning Arabic as an Adult Learner

My name is Nadine and this is my journey of reinventing myself from a single executive from the middle east to a married housewife and mother in the USA. I aspire to make everything from scratch and to be fearless in the kitchen.

I am going to sound like a broken record, but please do not underestimate the power of play and exposure when learning a language. You can teach your child at any age and today I will show you how you can use the flashcards and play dough mats to teach them how to write.

We reviewed the flashcards, I made sure that we talked about beginning letter and sounds and ending letters sand sounds.

writing arabic for kids

Then I showed her the picture of the squirrel and she was able to name it, I showed her the word, she was able to name it in English, which meant that she understood the concept. Then my daughter traced the words with play dough and she started to form that word with foam letters.

Someone was very proud of herself!

Arabic Letters Worksheets for Kids | Learning Printable

Then she wrote the word by herself using a dry erase board and pens. And because she is the artist, we decided to make it more fun remember how I said that including play in your learning is essential? We kept playing this game and learning words, letters and sounds while covering reading, writing and comprehension.

She finally decided to make sculptures out of play dough for the words! You can see a slice of an apple and a rainy cloud.Studio Arabiya is the leading Arabic & Qur'an institute, specializing in all aspects of teaching Arabic, Qur'an, and Islamic Studies to all ages and all levels - online and abroad.

writing arabic for kids

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Phoenician Alphabet, Mother of Modern Writing ; Phoenician script was the alphabet used for transliterating the Holy Bible in Hebrew.; Evolution of Phoenician into Latin/Western scripts and Arabic/Eastern scripts.

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The Arabic script should no longer look like scribbles. With no lengthy introductions or linguistic complication.

Arabic Letters Worksheets for Kids | Learning Printable