The issue of cuban problem during the cleveland and mckinley administrations

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The issue of cuban problem during the cleveland and mckinley administrations

See Article History Alternative Title: Cleveland distinguished himself as one of the few truly honest and principled politicians of the Gilded Age.

The issue of cuban problem during the cleveland and mckinley administrations

For a discussion of the history and nature of the presidency, see presidency of the United States of America. Key events in the life of Grover Cleveland.

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After clerking in a law firm in BuffaloNew York, he was admitted to the bar in and soon entered politics as a member of the Democratic Party. During the Civil War he was drafted but hired a substitute so that he could care for his mother—an altogether legal procedure but one that would make him vulnerable to political attack in the future.

In he became assistant district attorney of Erie countyNew York, and in —73 he served as county sheriff. With this slight political background and only modest success as a lawyer, the apparently unambitious Buffalo attorney launched one of the most meteoric rises in American politics.

Ineight years after stepping down as sheriffCleveland was nominated for mayor by Buffalo Democrats who remembered his honest and efficient service in that office. He won the election easily. As governor of New York, Cleveland again used the veto frequently, even to turn down measures that enjoyed wide public support.

His devotion to principle and his unstinting opposition to Tammany Hall soon earned him a national reputation—particularly among Americans disgusted with the frequent scandals of Gilded Age politics. Library of Congress, Washington, D. In the Democrats sought a presidential candidate who would contrast sharply with Republican nominee James G.

Blainea longtime Washington insider whose reputation for dishonesty and financial impropriety prompted the Republican Mugwump faction to bolt their party. As a result, Cleveland won the Democratic nomination with ease. Blaine, the continental liar from the state of Maine!

Although Blaine was present when the fateful words were spoken, he did nothing to dissociate himself from the remark. The general election was determined by electoral votes from New York state, which Blaine lost to Cleveland by fewer than 1, votes.

American presidential election, Results of the American presidential election, Sources: Presidency As president, Cleveland continued to act in the same negative capacity that had marked his tenures as mayor and governor.

He nullified fraudulent grants to some 80 million acres 30 million hectares of Western public lands and vetoed hundreds of pension bills that would have sent federal funds to undeserving Civil War veterans. He also received credit for two of the more significant measures enacted by the federal government in the s: In Cleveland, a lifelong bachelor, married Frances Folsom, the daughter of his former law partner.

Frances Cleveland27 years younger than her husband, proved to be a very popular first lady. To all appearances the marriage was a happy one, though during the presidential campaign she was forced to publicly refute Republican-spread rumours that Cleveland had beaten her during drunken rages.

Cleveland ran for reelection in The major issue of the presidential campaign was the protective tariff. Cleveland opposed the high tariff, calling it unnecessary taxation imposed upon American consumers, while Republican candidate Benjamin Harrison defended protectionism.

On election day, Cleveland won aboutmore popular votes than Harrison, evidence of the esteem in which the president was held and to the widespread desire for a lower tariff.The Hollywood Reporter is your source for breaking news about Hollywood and entertainment, including movies, TV, reviews and industry blogs.

pass a resolution favoring recognition of Cuban belligerence, Cleveland ignored it How did McKinley deal with the Spain issue?

urged neutrality but slightly leaned towards insurgents side and sent trusted aide on fact finding mission.

However, the change of administrations occurred before the Senate could ratify the treaty. Cleveland studied the Hawaiian matter and found that the ranking American diplomat, John Stevens, had acted improperly by fomenting the change of government in the Islands.

Cleveland's first term also found him enmeshed in the complex issue of U.S. fishing rights in the North Atlantic off Canada and Newfoundland.

He also worked on the disputed boundary between Alaska and British Colombia and the problem of the diminishing fur-seal population in the Bering Sea. McKinley for high taxes - many opposed.

The positions of the two major parties on the tariff question, and the actual trend of tariff legislation in the s and s 1) Repub - for tariff.

This resource of primary documents and commentary spans the Hayes and McKinley administrations, selecting and describing five to ten of the foremost issues of the day. The actual texts of the presidents' positions, along with the opposing viewpoints, are presented.

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