Science and relgion essay

Books with an X: Paul LarsenU. Ancient Egypt in Context, Bruce G.

Science and relgion essay

November 20, Diomedes Obviously, the people that ended slavery in the U. I studied in an American university and worked for many years for American companies. I currently live in the UK. Actually my view about Americans and history is that they know far too little of it in general even their own.

I find it shocking. Yes many cultures have had a form of slavery. But at the same time, given that I have personally been oppressed by white people while my father grew up not being able to use the same water fountain, for Diomedes to complain that he has to learn a little something about it sounds churlish and pathetic.

I can understand the annoyance factor in some socialist professor detailing past wrongs of your forefathers. But in my view, too little of the actual historical record of slavery in the United States has been revealed. I have the distinct impression that most white people in America are uncomfortable hearing about it which I understand — no German wants to speak about the Holocaust.

However, I do think such things should be taught absent the emotionalism. Deal with historical facts including the African involvement rather than engage in a blame game. I always find it slightly patronizing when some teacher comes up to me to tell me about something like that as if I should be excited… 1 November 19, TMac Stop viewing slavery from the context of the 20th century, view it as appropriate in history.

Slavery is always based upon economics. It is not, because if those slavers were Arabs, the slaves would be from EE, the eastern coast of Africa, or India. You are correct in the small part about whites singling blacks out for slavery.

Consistently throughout the comments you bring race up. Stop viewing it from an emotional context and view it logically. Please stop with the emotions.

I am not blaming anyone for anything. Your argument is nonsensical. Ethics is and must be universal i. Otherwise we could justify any crime we want. Slavery is not based on economics any more than theft is based on economics which is essentially the same thing — a property crime.

Slavery was based on criminal opportunism. And yes, it is your fault, your crime if you purchase a slave regardless of how cheap or how expensive unless you immediately free that person. I actually find baffling that you would make such a stupid statement. And you are completely wrong about this: Consistently throughout the comments you bring race up I respond to racists like Diomedes on this board because they consistently turn non-racial articles into polemics against black people.

Science and relgion essay

I have had to tolerate significant racism whilst living in a hostile society Britain as have my family and I have all the time the world to deal with cocksuckers like him. I am not going to tolerate that bullshit even if you are. I was not arguing the ethincs of slavey. Slavery is most defiently an economic undertaking ,oppression was the by-product.

One must ask why did people take slaves and the answer was not criminal oppression it was because it was cheaper that hiring a wage earner. November 24, englishbob Mate, I view racism from a consistent ethical framework.

A core principle of that framework, as I have already told you, is that consistent logical ethics are universal. This means identical throughout time and space. If you are going argue that every action must be judged according when in time it took place you will quickly find yourself in contradiction with no consistent set of ethical principles.Virtus is the badge of the Roman race and breed.

All else is false and doubtful, ephemeral and changeful: only virtus stands firmly fixed, its roots run deep, it can never be shaken by any violence, never moved from its place. Reason, Faith, and Revolution: Reflections on the God Debate (The Terry Lectures Series) [Terry Eagleton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Terry Eagleton’s witty and polemical Reason, Faith, and Revolution is bound to cause a stir among scientists. This book provides a different way in introducing Islam Its author lived in the Western society since he was a child and prepared MA and PhD in the greatest British universities the issue that made him able to know how the West thinks The book introduces Islam with a mixture between philosophy religion culture and science but this time according to .

Science and religion are the main components of the ongoing national debate about the teaching of evolution in our public schools (Peshkin 46).Various religions reject or ignore the contributions of science, arguing that science displaces God, questions religious belief, and degrades morality (Molloy ).

Science and relgion essay

Jun 02,  · College is a great place to learn and have fun. But let’s not kid ourselves, some degrees are as useless as the plot in a Michael Bay film.

Sep 09,  · Freud’s argument suggests that belief in an unseen God may prepare the ground not only for science and literature and law but also for intense introspection.

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