Pldt business plan 10mbps

For the postpaid telephone service, the telephone instrument provided by PLDT is under warranty for the period provided for in the manual of service, which warranty period shall be reckoned from date of installation. In no case will PLDT be liable for repair or replacement of telephone units outside the warranty period. Only telephone units with factory defects will be replaced within the said warranty period. The Subscriber is liable to pay all tolls and charges originating at his telephone regardless of who may originate such calls charged against the Subscriber and included in the pertinent PLDT billing.

Pldt business plan 10mbps

I had no idea what it was, so being curious, I googled it to find out if it was something we may want to subscribe to. Who knows, it could turn out to be a good internet plan.

Unlike DSL, there are no telephone wires involved when setting it up. Think of this like a home-based pocket wifi. That is a big NO. I would never recommend anything with a data cap, especially for home use.

I would only recommend it to someone who is desperate and hopeless of ever getting their own DSL. And even then, I would probably recommend getting a pocket wifi instead with a prepaid SIM. What is wrong with it? Easy set up Cons: Data cap — do not ever get a home internet plan with a data cap because you will just end up angry and frustrated.

At least they are transparent about it, but still. Please, most households have more than 5 wifi gadgets. And what if you have visitors who brought their own wifi-capable phones, tablets and laptops?

What if you have other wifi-capable devices like Smart TVs? I really want to like this plan, I really do.

pldt business plan 10mbps

I was actually so excited about this new Ultera plan, thinking that maybe PLDT was offering something good. But that data cap! That is so not enough, not even for one person if you do a bit of streaming! What about all those Windows Updates?

pldt business plan 10mbps

They are sometimes several GBs big. Some games are also data-intensive. So imagine people using the internet at home — that 1GB data cap for the Plan will be used up in 30 minutes. What are you going to do when you need to go online? You can still go online, at the adjusted speed of kbps.

Good luck with your choppy Youtube. Also, what if by some miracle, Netflix or Hulu becomes legitimately available in the Philippines?

Getting a home internet plan with a data cap, and such an unbelievably low one at that, is just setting yourself up for rage later on.

No data caps, no blocked ports, and better support are pretty darn compelling.

I thought this was using LTE? Why is the speed only from 3 — 10 Mbps? I thought LTE speed was up to 42 Mbps? Why is this only at 3 — 10 Mpbs?

This data capping or tiered data trend is very disturbing. Are they going to start capping DSL and other internet services?Jun 06,  · That's bad. With Xtreme, you're supposed to be getting 10mbps.

Minus the hype, you should get at least 5 Mbps right? From to , I was actually on the higher 3Mbps plan (Xcite P) that I am trying to upgrade to right now.

Introducing the Revolutionary Newest LTE (Long Term Evolution) for the Home: PLDT Home BRO Ultra-Fast ULTERA, up to 10Mbps speeds with NO CASH OUT/ FREE INSTALLATION! HOME ULTERA beams ultra-fast LTE internet straight to your home!

May 26,  · Hello, I would like to know how you come with the figure for the Plan I'm expecting so that when added with VAT , the total. Contact PLDT Home: Find below customer service details of PLDT Home, Philippines, including phone and metin2sell.coms contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the telecommunications company and its services.

Reach the PLDT Home customer service below . can you pls fix our wifi, because this wifi of ours is so damn slow!!! DOWNLOAD MBPS(it was suppose to be mbps) UPLOADmbps(must be more than that)l.

Jun 17,  · Globe unleashes 10Mbps ‘Lamborghini’ broadband stick Posted on 01 Jun at pm Ayala-owned Globe Telecom, through its nomadic broadband brand Tattoo, has launched its broadband stick that allows subscribers to have Internet speeds of up to 10Mbps.

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