Museums and racism

Race historical definitions During the Age of Enlightenment an era from the s to the sconcepts of monogenism and polygenism became popular, though they would only be systematized epistemologically during the 19th century. Monogenism contends that all races have a single origin, while polygenism is the idea that each race has a separate origin.

Museums and racism

The Ukrainian parliament, the Verkhovnaya Rada, has at this time not yet signed off on this order, but they are expected to do so. The martial law status will be in effect from November 26 to January 26, about sixty days.

This happened because Ukrainian ships ventured deliberately into Russian territorial waters near the Crimean Peninsula, apparently not notifying Russian authorities before doing so, though the Ukrainians claim they did warn of their crossing.

RT chronicled the events from the Russian point of view, which we provide here with emphases added: The waters near the Crimean peninsula were the site of a tense standoff between Russian and Ukrainian ships that involved a chase, some gunfire, and fighter jets, followed by strong statements from Moscow and Kiev.

The Ukranian vessels were sailing between two Ukrainian ports: The only waterway that connects these is the Kerch Strait between Crimea and mainland Russia. Kiev says it notified Moscow in advance that its navy ships would be sailing through the area.

Moscow denies that it was given warning. While both Russia and Ukraine have freedom of navigation in the Kerch Strait under a treaty, there are detailed technical rules on how vessels should pass through the narrow, complex waterway.

All traffic in the area is controlled by the Crimean sea port of Kerch, and every ship should contact the facility, report her route and destination, and receive permission to sail through the Strait.

The ships also entered waters that had been temporarily closed to navigation. The Russian military also scrambled aircraft, while the situation remained tense. Videos from the site showed Russian Ka gunships cruising under the Crimea Bridge. Later, they were joined by several Su strike fighters.

Ukrainian vessels continued their journey despite warnings from the Russian authorities.

Museums and racism

The Ukrainian Navy said the military vessels were sailing from the port city of Odessa to the Azov port of Mariupol as part of a scheduled routine transfer and claimed that it warned the Russian authorities about the trip in advance.

The group of ships that were heading to the strait from the Azov Sea turned back to their port. However, this is a very strange response. Placing the entire country of Ukraine under martial law because of a naval incident with Russia makes absolutely no sense.

However, this is how things operate in Ukraine, and there is of course a bigger motive. Sputnik News gives some indication as to what that might be by describing what martial law in Ukraine would actually accomplish again, we add emphasis: He is preparing for war with Russia.

He is afraid of his own population rejecting his actions, hence the quick move to martial law following an incident that, while serious, does not match the specifications of some national disaster or crisis that would make such a move necessary.

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Is reconciliation a pipe dream?

Feb 20,  · On the first day of Black History Month, the good people at Google blessed the internet with a doodle honoring Edmonia Lewis, the first woman . The Gerald Stanley and Raymond Cormier trials heightened racial tensions on the Prairies.

Now, people are questioning if reconciliation will ever be possible amid such polarization. International Slavery Museum explores historical and contemporary aspects of slavery.

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Latest News Triggered Hofstra University students want to take down Thomas Jefferson statue for its “racism” Hofstra University liberal loonies call Thomas Jefferson “Icon” of white supremacists.

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