If i were a boy one

She then thought that if she were a boy, she would have eaten without regret.

If i were a boy one

With the galaxy under the dominion of the Siththe Skywalker siblings were separated at birth. Luke was sent to live with his relatives on the Outer Rim planet Tatooine while Leia was adopted into House Organa and raised as a princess of Alderaan.

Through Kenobi, Skywalker learned that his father was once a Jedi Knight of the Old Republic and ultimately sought to follow in Anakin's example by becoming a Jedi as well. With the aid of the smugglers Han Solo and ChewbaccaSkywalker and Kenobi embarked on a journey to Alderaan only to be captured and taken aboard the Death Starthe Empire's moon -sized battle station that possessed the capacity to destroy entire planets.

Upon learning that Princess Leia Organa was also a prisoner aboard the station, Skywalker and his allies took the opportunity to rescue the Alderaanian royal but at the cost of his mentor Kenobi, who became one with the Force as a result of a final duel with his one- time apprenticethe fallen Jedi-turned- Sith Lord Darth Vader.

Committing himself to the cause of the Rebellion, Skywalker participated in the Battle of Yavin where he succeeded in destroying the Death Star. As his powers continued to grow, Skywalker journeyed to Dagobah where he hoped to complete his training under Yodathe last Grand Master of the Jedi Order.

However, Vader exploited Skywalker's emotional attachment to his friends, using them as bait to lure the young Jedi hopeful out of hiding. Vader, who was keenly aware of the boy's immense potential in the Force, revealed that he was, in fact, Anakin Skywalker.

He beseeched Skywalker to join him, insisting that they could rule the galaxy together as father and son, but Skywalker refused and was able to regroup with the Rebels. Skywalker eventually came to terms with the revelation that Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader were one and the same.

However, in spite of Vader's immersion in the dark side, Skywalker perceived the goodness that endured within his father and was convinced that he could be restored to the light side of the Force. The Emperor goaded Skywalker by tempting him with the dark side, resulting in a final duel in which Skywalker prevailed against Vader yet remained steadfast in his commitment to the Jedi way by refusing to strike down his own father.

If i were a boy one

Angered by this turn of events, the Emperor tortured the self-proclaimed Jedi Knight with a torrent of Force lightning while Vader was forced to watch his son writhe in agony.

To the Emperor's surprise, however, Vader did indeed turn as his son had hoped, ending Sidious' life but at the cost of his own. The deaths of the last two Sith Lords brought the Force back into balance, thereby fulfilling the ancient Jedi prophecy that foretold the destruction of the Sith.


By sacrificing his life, Luke's father found redemption in his final moments of life and therefore died in the light as Anakin Skywalker—the Chosen One of the Force. Yoda's dying wish was that Skywalker would pass on his lessons to a new generation of Jedi Knights; therefore, Skywalker ultimately founded a training temple where he served as the Jedi Master of a dozen students.

Among his acolytes was the young but powerful Ben Solohis sister's son from her marriage to Han Solo. For a time Skywalker believed that the Jedi Order would, in fact, rise again with the younger Solo as his eventual successor.

It was Skywalker's hope that he would not die as the last Jedi, but then he gradually came to sense the rising darkness within Solo and grew fearful for the people he loved. For a brief moment, Skywalker considered ending Solo's life before his dark future could come to pass, causing Solo to lash out by destroying the temple and slaughtering the other apprentices.

Losing his nephew to the dark side filled Skywalker with shame and remorse; disillusioned by the destruction of his life's work, he elected to live out his remaining years in exile on Ahch-Tothe lost homeworld of the Jedi Order, as a hermit. Though he fully intended to remain outside of the galactic conflict between the First Order and the ResistanceSkywalker ultimately embraced his heritage once more, sacrificing his life in 34 ABY in order to save his sister's movement.

Skywalker had passed away into the Force, but his legend would spread across the galaxy, bringing hope to the enemies of the First Order. In addition, the Jedi Order did not die with him as Reya scavenger from Jakkuinherited the mantle of the Jedi upon Skywalker's death.Welcome to the Edwardian Teddy Boy, a website dedicated to the British Teddy Boy history and culture.

I am John aka Rockin' Nidge and have been a Teddy Boy for around 40 years, after first adopting the Teddy Boy style while at Secondary School in If I were a boy I think I could understand How it feels to love a girl I swear I'd be a better man.

I'd listen to her Cause I know how it hurts When you lose the one you wanted Cause he's taken you for granted And everything you had got destroyed If I were a girl Even just for a day I'd get oudda bed in the mornin' And take forever to ready.

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One day when we were young As the title of this short story alludes, the theme of One day when we were young (published in Thicker Than Water, ) is youth, growing up and going from childhood to adulthood or at least becoming a teenager.

The story takes place in probably on the countryside of Ireland, where the author Vincent Banville. Luke Skywalker, a Force-sensitive human male, was a Jedi Knight who fought for the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War.

The son of Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and Senator Padmé Amidala, Skywalker was born in the year . Check out If I Were a Boy by Beyonce on Amazon Music.

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