Htst 386 final exam

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Htst 386 final exam

Improved Sawmill Machinery, the parts of this machinery than under the old occasioned by the logs running into the Saws, when Although lumber is among the first demands of arrangements. The log rests upon the rolls with greater in almost any other.

Htst 386 final exam

The feed works for gang saws consist in feeding the upper or pressure rolls, as well as the lower or log rolls, making them co-efficient in feeding the log into and through the saws, whereby sawyers are enabled to use fluted instead of the spiked or tooth rolls.

This is accomplished without in any degree affecting the facility with which the upper or pressure rolls may adapt themselves to the various sizes and inequali- ties of logsround as well as squarea simultaneous movement being imparted to all the rolls by one and the same motion of the rag wheel, under all circum- stances.

Gang saws have been found practically superior to any other method yet tried for reducing logs to lumber, both as regards the expenditure of power, simplicity and durability of machinery, econ- omy in labor, and great saving of stock. In all these respects it is quite evident that the single or frame saw, the circular, and the muley are much inferior.

The inventor claims greater facility in working all I -- - - the regular prescribed action of the rag wheel feeds t ; and the frequent accidents to saws and machinery is moved steadily under their action. The mechan- ical advantages of this improvement will present themselves at once to any experienced mill-man.

The improved edging or saw table consists princi- pally in connecting with the table a platform upon which the men edging the lumber are carried back and forth. It is known that the labor of edging and splitting the deals, plank, scantling, and boards Htst 386 final exam gang saws heretofore has been the most laborious work in the mill.

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Even then the saws are often run upon short feed or stopped to enable the edgers to clear the lumber. This arrangement not only re- lieves the men from constant walking amounting in some mills to nearly or quite a mile to every thous and feet sawedbut by increased facility of motion- it also lelieves them from the hurry which some- times occasions great waste of lumber by careless ad- justment on the table.

This table will also prove of great advantage in planing mills where much lum- ber is split up with circular saws for various pur- poses of building.

Ti7 2 straight and cross belt, or by having friction pullies to reverse the motion, situated behind the table near the saw; or by the men who edge and split the lumber, simply by extending a light shipping-pole or rope along and over the table, out of the way and within their reach at all times.

The table itself runs en the large friction rollers, A, which work on journal boxes set in the frame, B. The table and platform on which the workman stands are both driven by the rack and pinion seen at C, and the platform is supported by the small friction rollers, one of which is shown at D.

The feed rolls, A, in Fig. By nttaching a block and fall to the upper part of the building, the feed rolls can be swung up out of the way entirely, and easy access obtained to the saws or other parts of the machin- ery.

The width of the saws is regulated by iron guides or gages, F, inserted in a frame at the end of the saws; and the general arrangement of the mill is workmanlike, ingenious, and convenient, and reflects credit on the skill and enterprise of the inventor.

The advantages of this machinery may be summed up as follows: It enables the mill to do more work, and it also saves a great deal of lumber, inasmuch as it economizes time, giving the men opportunity to adjust the timber to the saw more carefully upon the table, literally preventing the haste which makes waste.

Htst 386 final exam

These improvements, having been in use during the last two years, almost constantly, summer and winter, are recommended to mill-owners and manufacturers as valuable. They may be easily at- tached to the present gearing of any mill, with slight alterations, and at small expense.

Further in- formation can be obtained by addressing the inventor as above. The Action of the Sun. Every mechanical action on the earths surface, every manifestation of power, organic or inorganic, vital and physical, is produced by the sun.

His warmth keeps the sea liquid and the atmosphere a gas, and all the storms which agitate both are blown by the mechanical force of the sun.

He lifts the river and the glaciers up the mountains, and thus the cataract and the avalanche shoot with an energy de- rived immediately from him. Thunder and light- ning are also his transmuted strength. Every fire that burns and every flame that glows dispenses light and heat which originally belonged to the sun.

In these days, unhappily, the news of battle is familiar to us, but every shock and every charge is an application or mis-application of the mechanical force of the sun.

Tie blows the trumpet, he urges the projectile, he bursts the bomb! And, remember, this is not poetry, but rigid mechanical truth.

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