How prison overcrowding affects state budgets

This issue brief addresses the issue of overcrowding in the federal prison system. I am still in the process of revising and constructing the infographics, as well as finalizing the notes. The Cost of Overcrowding Introduction In light of the recent economic recession, the United States government has repeatedly made sweeping efforts to curb unnecessary spending and increase efficiency. Numerous programs have been cut or restructured in attempts to reduce their cost to the American taxpayer.

How prison overcrowding affects state budgets

Spurred by budget crises, California and Michigan reduced their prison populations by more than 7, last year, contributing to what a new report says is the first nationwide decline in the number of state prisoners since The ballooning incarcerated population puts inmates and guards in danger and holds back efforts to rehabilitate convicts, experts told HuffPost.

The already-taxed Bureau of Prisons network swelled to 39 percent above capacity through last September, and is expected to surge to more than 45 percent above its limit insays the Government Accountability Office report, titled " Growing Inmate Crowding Negatively Affects Inmates, Staff, and Infrastructure.

Last year's overcrowding level was the highest sincewhen federal prisons were 41 percent above maximum levels -- called the "rated capacity. The overcrowding contributes "to increased inmate misconduct, which negatively affects the safety and security of inmates and staff," according to the report.

Two and three inmates are bunked in rooms designed for one prisoner or in common areas that were never meant to be used as cells. And that's what scares me," said Dale Deshotel, president of the Council of Prison Locals, which represents about 32, federal prison employees. So far this year, 14 federal prison workers have been assaulted with weapons and another 45 were assaulted by unarmed inmates, according to statistics compiled by the union.

As the prison population boomed, Deshotel said the government in reduced the average number of guards stationed in prison housing units. The hazards of overcrowding could eventually ripple outside prison walls. Unless prison budgets grow, inmates will have less access to job training, education and drug treatment programs, which could increase the likelihood that they'll commit crimes again after their release.

There are more thaninmates locked in the teeming network of federal and privately-run prisons. The report examined fiscal years to During that time, five federal prisons opened and four minimum security camps shut. That increased space for almost seven percent more inmates, but the system took on over nine percent more prisoners.

The unrelenting growth in the overcrowded federal prisons contrasts with the population in state prisons, which began decreasing modestly in Budget crises have prompted states to explore early release options for prisoners.

California is scrambling to comply with a Supreme Court order that said severe overcrowding was unconstitutional. By mid, the state must reduce its inmate population by 30, We regret the mistake.The state's recidivism rate -- the percentage of individuals released from prison who are incarcerated again within three years -- was 61 percent last year.

POLITICS Who Is the Real Enemy in the. Report: Increase in Federal Prison Population, Overcrowding. by Derek Gilna. A government study revealed that overcrowding in the federal prison system worsened over the five-year period from through , affecting facilities of all security levels.

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WHAT IS CAUSING PRISON OVERCROWDING? FINDINGS Continued increase in the number of offenders sent to prison • state's attorney appointed by the chief state. Economic Impacts of Prison Growth Congressional Research Service Summary The U.S. corrections system has gone through an unprecedented expansion during the last few.

The situations in Oklahoma and California are only two examples of how state prison overcrowding affects those locked up inside. Institutions in other states, including Alabama, North Dakota, and Nebraska, have also long been overcrowded. Effects of Prison Overcrowding According to the Connecticut Department of Corrections, some of the effects of overcrowding include moving prisoners to out-of-state facilities.

How prison overcrowding affects state budgets
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