Harsh reality of war

This can be explained by the double language of NATO and the United Nations, who are pretending to want to stabilise the country while their actions in fact continue the Cebrowski plan for the destruction of state structures. The spectacle in Paris was steeped in a profound ignorance of the particularities of Libyan society.

Harsh reality of war

Member since September 28, 4 Posts Child soldiers are children who are under 18 and used for military purposes.

Iraq: the harsh and uncomfortable reality of war

Often times, children are abducted and then turned into child soldiers. These children can have a variety of duties such as actually fighting in the wars and conflicts, acting as suicide bombers, cooks, porters, messengers, informants, spies or anything their commanders want them to do 1.

Child soldiers are sometimes sexually abused as well. Child soldiers are both male and female, and their ages may range from four years old to sixteen years old.

Some children though, feel that it is their duty to fight and they will voluntarily go fight.

The Harsh Realities of War | John J. Burns Library's Blog

This is often a result of poverty and the feeling of responsibility to help provide for the family. Either way, it is wrong to exploit children in any fashion, especially sending them to war.

When a child becomes a child soldier, their basic human rights are being taken away. The Convention clearly states that a child should not be involved in any work that is hazardous to their well-being. It also states that children should not be taken away from their education.

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As stated by Amnesty International, sending a child away, voluntary or involuntary, to fight in a war, has a negative impact on them. They are put in danger and their overall well-being is compromised.

This is not okay. So what can we do?

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Help to advocate for the cause. But, if we all banded together, change can happen; you have to be the change you wish to see in the world. As parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, babysitters, cousins, and whatever else you may be, we would not want our beloved children being sent away to face such hard realities.

Childhood is supposed to be the most fun, carefree time of your life. How can it be expected that these children will grow up to be working, contributing people of society if they are witnessing such harsh things at such a young age.Watch video · White nationalists on Fox News don’t endorse the idea of an ongoing race war against white people, I’ve seen the harsh reality addicts face as they battle for a second chance.

But reality is confronting Xi’s visions for the economy, too: There are numerous troubling indicators of a domestic slowdown, and there’s a trade war underway with the world’s largest.

From resort to refugee camp: These photos show the harsh reality of war A family surveys the damage to their house in Albu Ajeel, which was bombed by armed groups as they retreated from the area. Iraq: the harsh and uncomfortable reality of war.

American photojournalist Michael Kamber covered the Iraq War for the "New York Times" from to A wonderfully old-fashioned tearjerker, with a thoroughly delightful cast, where cosy quaint Englishness is leavened by a harsh reality of World War II that pop culture has ignored.

Reality Winner agreed to a sentence of 63 months in prison and three years of supervised release as part of her plea deal.

Harsh reality of war

aggressive prosecutors, and a harsh judge. a World War I-era law.

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