Essay on quota system in india

A manuscript is considered to be the most important and authoritative source which puts lights and justifies the caste system as the basis of the order in the society. The unbreachable divisions- The caste system is believed to have been originated from the mythological god lord Brahma and is divided into four groups- Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and the Shudras. The second in the hierarchy are kshatriyas comprising mainly warriors and rulers and believed to have originated from Brahmas arms. Vaishyas who are traders or farmers holds the third slot and are created from the thighs.

Essay on quota system in india

Reservation System in India: Concept, Arguments and Conclusions Article shared by: Concept, Arguments and Conclusions! Reservation in common terms refers to an act of reserving, keeping back or withholding.

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Reservation in the Indian Context: The Rationale behind the Concept: The underlying theory for the provision of reservation by the state is the under-representation of the identifiable groups as a legacy of the Indian caste system. The framers of the Constitution believed that, due to the caste system, SCs and the STs were historically oppressed and denied respect and equal opportunity in Indian society and were thus under-represented in nation-building activities.

After introducing the provision for reservation once, it got related to vote bank politics and the following governments and the Indian Parliament routinely extended this period, without any free and fair revisions. Later, reservations were introduced for other sections as well. Arguments Offered By Supporters of Reservation: Reservations are a political necessity in India b.

Although Reservation schemes do undermine the quality, they are needed to provide social justice to the most marginalized and underprivileged which is their human right.

Meritocracy is meaningless without equality. First all people must be brought to the same level, whether it elevates a section or decelerates another, regardless of merit. Arguments Offered by Anti-Reservationists: Intellectuals and Philanthropists agree that reservations will divide India Reservation is similar to internal partition because in addition to being a form of ethnic discrimination, it also builds walls against inter-caste and inter-faith marriages.

Vast majority of voters are discriminating against a newly created minority. Reservations are the biggest enemy of meritocracy.

By offering reservation through relaxed entry criteria, we are fuelling inflation of moderate credentials as opposed to the promotion of merit based education system, which is the foundation of many progressive countries. Meritocracy should not be polluted by injecting relaxation of entry barriers, rather should be encouraged by offering financial aids to the underprivileged although deserving candidates only.

Caste Based Reservation only perpetuates the notion of caste in society, rather than weakening it as a factor of social consideration, as envisaged by the constitution. Reservation is a tool to meet narrow political ends. Affirmative Action can be provided at a more comprehensive level taking into account various factors of exclusion such as caste, economic conditions, gender, kind of schooling received etc.Arunachal Pradesh has emerged as the second State in the Northeast, after Sikkim, to be declared Open Defecation metin2sell.comhal has 21 districts and the State attained the feat much before the national deadline of October 2, This essay delves deeply into the origins of the Vietnam War, critiques U.S.

justifications for intervention, examines the brutal conduct of the war, and discusses the . Aug 31,  · Resentment has gelled into opposition to India’s version of affirmative action, a system of strict quotas that reserves nearly half of jobs for those from disadvantaged castes or tribes.

Essay on quota system in india

Jan 27,  · *Reservation or Quota System in India* *Education System in India:* India is a huge country with a massive population of over billion people residing in it.

It comprises of people from. Quota and Reservation System in India – An Essay August 30, December 3, Madhur Chadha India, Reflections Quota system and Reservation system in India seems to be an evergreen hot debate topic and everyone seems to have a point of view on it.

Essay on quota system in india

ADVERTISEMENTS: Reservation System in India: Concept, Arguments and Conclusions! Defining Reservation: Reservation in common terms refers to an act of reserving, keeping back or withholding. Reservation in the Indian Context: Reservation in Indian law is a form of affirmative action whereby a percentage of seats are reserved in the public sector units, union and state [ ].

Reservation System in India: Concept, Arguments and Conclusions