Essay on pablo picasso painting

Table of Contents Brief Overview Pablo Picasso, born in a poor family in southern Spain instarted as a child prodigy and ended as the acknowledged greatest painter of his century.

Essay on pablo picasso painting

Blue Period[ edit ] At the time, having renounced his classical and traditional education and searching for fame, Picasso and his friend Carlos Casagemas moved to Paris.

Essay on pablo picasso painting

A year later, Casagemas became hopelessly miserable from a Essay on pablo picasso painting love affair and committed suicide. Picasso was greatly afflicted by this event and was soon depressed and desolate. In addition, Picasso was very poor.

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His poverty made him identify and relate to beggars, prostitutes and other downtrodden outcasts in society. The Blue Period is identified by the flat expanses of blues, greys and blacks, melancholy figures lost in contemplation, and a deep and significant tragedy.

For example, the monochromatic color scheme creates flat, two-dimensional forms that dissociate the guitarist from time and place. In addition, the overall muted blue palette creates a general tone of melancholy and accentuates the tragic and sorrowful theme.

The sole use of oil on panel causes a darker and more theatrical mood. Oil tends to blend the colors together without diminishing brightness, creating an even more cohesive dramatic composition. Details are eliminated and scale is manipulated to create elongated and elegant proportions while intensifying the silent contemplation of the guitarist and a sense of spirituality.

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The large, brown guitar is the only significant shift in color found in the painting; [1] its dull brown, prominent against the blue background, becomes the center and focus.

This blind and poor subject depends on his guitar and the small income he can earn from his music for survival. Some art historians believe this painting expresses the solitary life of an artist and the natural struggles that come with the career.

Therefore, music, or art, becomes a burden and an alienating force that isolates artists from the world. The Old Guitarist becomes an allegory of human existence. Picasso's The Old Guitarist, which portrays an old man with white hair and beard sitting distorted and cross-legged as he plays his guitar.

If Picasso attempted to portray the world of poverty and abject misery, it was because that had been his own plight as a struggling young artist in Barcelona, where he painted many pictures including this one, of the poor. The painting is almost entirely done in monochromatic blues and blue-blacks, except for the guitar itself, which is painted in a slightly warmer brown.

The man is blind but, no longer seeing the world around him, he sees more deeply into the reality within. The three figures are an old woman with her head bent forward, a young mother with a small child kneeling by her side, and an animal on the right side of the canvas. Despite unclear imagery in crucial areas of the canvas, experts determined that at least two different paintings are found beneath The Old Guitarist.

Clearly defined, the young woman has long, flowing dark hair and a thoughtful expression. It revealed the same composition of mother and child, but it had a cow licking the head of a small calf.

Essay on pablo picasso painting

In a letter to Jacob, Picasso reveals he was painting this composition a few months before he began The Old Guitarist. Despite these discoveries, the reason Picasso did not complete the composition with a mother and child, and how the older woman fitted into the history of the canvas, remain unknown.Picasso Erotique (Art & Design) [Pablo Picasso, Annie Le Brun, Pascal Quignard, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Patrick Roegiers, Malen Gual] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

The career of the greatest painter of the 20th century was played out in the shadow of Eros - and of Thanatos. At the age of eight Picasso's drawings already .

Pablo Picasso Art Appreciation Sara Bonner _____ I strive to uphold the University values of respect, responsibility, discovery and excellence. On my honor, I pledge that I have neither given nor received unauthorized assistance on this work. Picasso (Guernica) because art are subjective and in a constant state of change (Shelley).

The most common form of art is Painting, and one of the greatest paintings in the world is Guernica, which was painted by Pablo Picasso in Artwork page for ‘Weeping Woman’, Pablo Picasso, on display at Tate Modern.

Pablo Picasso Essay

One of the worst atrocities of the Spanish Civil War was the bombing of the Basque town of Guernica by the German air force, lending their support to the Nationalist forces of General Franco. Picasso responded to the massacre by painting the vast mural .

On April 26th , a massive air raid by the German Luftwaffe on the Basque town of Guernica in Northern Spain shocked the world. Hundreds of civilians were killed in the raid which became a major incident of the Spanish Civil War.

Custom The Guernica Painting essay paper Guernica is a mural painting done by Pablo Picasso in It reflected the bombing that took place in Guernica, Basque country.

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