Eco360 supply and demand simulation essay

Balancing Demand and Supply with Effective Sales and Operations Planning One of the most common problems facing manufacturers across all industries is the difficulty of effectively balancing demand with supply. Manufacturers are continually faced with the challenge of determining what to make, how much to make, and when to make it.

Eco360 supply and demand simulation essay

Hire Writer That is, the interest was only the benefit of manufacture rather than benefit for Volkswagen and dealers in the United States together. As a result, dealers and OEMs were only loosely attached within the system creating many disadvantages for both parties.

Dealers were encouraged to carry as much inventory as possible, even though realizing that it was threatining for their businesses. Moreover, they were dependent on OEMs because they could restrict supply or appoint competing dealers. This specific distribution logic was developed under assumption that vehicles were configured as a standardized product line- one model in one color.

Eco360 supply and demand simulation essay

Even after introducing a competitive advantage as a primarily focus for the franchise network, the structure of the distribution system had remained the same.

The result of this structure was that dealers were not able to offer the customer an actual required product because of the limited inventory, even though OEMs in the last decade started to offer thousands of model designs.

The subject of this paper is a study about a new configuration that could deal with these limitations and achieve benefits for Volkswagen and dealers together.

The goals included to maximize the percentage of customers receiving their first choice of vehicles within 48 hours either from dealer inventory or from Volkswagen.

By reducing inventory the goal was to reduce the total system costs for dealers and Volkswagen together, including transportation, financing, and storage costs.

So, the system would increase first-choice sales, be timely, and reduce inventory costs. However, Volkswagen had no effective way to test this system for feasibility. The team of the study was concerned about integrating such a system with the existing seaport-based distribution centers.

Price Elasticity of Demand and Total Revenue (Essay)

The complexity and scope of the system made static analysis of limited value. So, the team of the study identified simulation as a potentially effective way to test the model and various scenarios of implementation. By the new potential model, the vehicles for sale would first be shipped to five US ports that would act like distribution centers.

Then they would transport vehicles by rail or truck to dealers across the United States. The study specifically focused on simulating the flow of the vehicles from plants to dealers. The main idea was to have more distribution centers close to metropolitan markets in order to test the hypothesis that it would increase customer responsiveness and minimize the costs of the total system.

The study team tried to look for potential new locations for distribution centers and their opening sequence. The new system would also replace existing expensive truck routes by cheaper rail routes.

All of these factors would lead to lower total system costs and greater customer responsiveness. The system described by authors consists of customer-flow and vehicle-flow cycles.Lesson: Supply and Demand Length minutes Age or Grade Intended 4th Academic Standard(s): History Explain that prices change as a result of changes in supply* and demand* for specific products.

Performance Objectives: given a specific example, students will explain how price changes as a. Supply and demand simulation essay Maybe english is expanding this article into trouble, giv ing, due out in microeconomics, webcasts, video, research papers, gives v.

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