An informative text on mount vesuvius volcano located in south of italy

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An informative text on mount vesuvius volcano located in south of italy

Later, Mount Vesuvius reached the surface and had attached to Italy due to the deposits from the eruptions since A. As the surface cooled with the mantle is still heated 4.

Vesuvius is composed of a mix of layers of lava flows and volcanic ash. It lies inside Mount Somma, a summit caldera.

Two tectonic plates, African and Eurasian, collided. The heat that was made melted the rocks. Because magma is less dense, it was pushed upward. It found a weak point at the Earth's surface and it broke through forming a volcano.

An informative text on mount vesuvius volcano located in south of italy

Appearance Mount Vesuvius is a composite volcano because its eruptions vary often from pyroclastic material to lava flows. It can be explosive like its most famous eruption in August 24, 79 A.

Mount Vesuvius stands as high as feet. It's composed of a volcanic cone, named Gran Cono, inside a summit caldera, called Mount Somma. This volcano has a humpbacked shape and a large cone surrounded by the caldera caused by the collapse of Mount Somma.

The height of Vesuvius is 4, ft.

An informative text on mount vesuvius volcano located in south of italy

The slopes of the mountain filled with lava flows. Many layers of lava, volcanic ash, and pumice make up the mountain. Vesuvius is at a convergent boundary where the African plate is being subducted meaning one tectonic plate is moving under another.

History and Eruptions Main articles: This region is known among geologists as the Roman Comagmatic Province and extends along the Tyrrhenian coast, from the Vulsini area in northern Latium to Vesuvius in the south.

In north Latium the volcanic activity became largely extinct about one hundred thousand years ago, but the Romans have ever since enjoyed the beautiful volcanic landscape created by this activity, such as the scenic Lake Bolsena in the caldera of Vulsini volcano, and Lake Vico.

Further south, however, in the Campanian volcanic region, activity has continued up to the present day, as recorded in legend, history, and in the volcanic stratigraphy of Vesuvius and the Phlegraean Fields. A human victim of the Avellino eruption ca.

The image on the right shows the mold of one of a group of huts found partially buried, its interior, including pottery, perfectly preserved, dated to b2k. The second image down on the right shows a human victim of the Avellino eruption.

The image on the right shows fossil footprints in the surge ash deposit of the Avellino eruption. The first eruption, in August 24, 79 A. Vesuvius even before it erupted.Hike up Mount Vesuvius and then explore the UNESCO-listed ruins of Pompeii on a must-do day trip from Rome! Going at a steady pace, the hike includes a walk on the ridge of Italy’s famously feisty volcano, allowing incredible views down into the crater itself.

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Find stories, updates and expert opinion. The 6 Best Hotels Near Vesuvius, Ercolano, Italy Booking Fees · Free Cancellation · Secure Booking · 24/7 Customer Service. Located on the west coast of Italy, Mount Vesuvius is the only active volcano in Europe.

This volcano has erupted more than fifty times but is best known for when it destroyed the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum in A.D.