An analysis of various aspects of world oil market

Asia Pacific alone accounted for The region is expected to reach market capitalization to the tune of USD 6.

An analysis of various aspects of world oil market

Chlorella spp Microalgae comprise a vast group of photosynthetic, heterotrophic organisms which have an extraordinary potential for cultivation as energy crops. They can be cultivated under difficult agro-climatic conditions and are able to produce a wide range of commercially interesting byproducts such as fats, oils, sugars and functional bioactive compounds.

Ulva lacuta Seaweed is a loose colloquial term encompassing macroscopic, multicellular, benthic marine algae. The term includes some members of the red, brown and green algae. They are photosynthetic, like plants, and "simple" because they lack the many distinct organs found in land plants.

For that reason they are currently excluded from being considered plants. Almost all the algae are eukaryotes and conduct photosynthesis within membrane bound structure called chloroplasts. Cyanobacteria are organisms traditionally included among the algae, but they have a prokaryotic cell structure.

Algae are an extremely important species. For one, they produce more oxygen than all the plants in the world, put together! For another, they form an important food source for many animals such as little shrimps and huge whales.

Thus, they are at the bottom of the food chain with many living things depending upon them. With the recent research and interest into using algae for producing Biodiesel they have the potential to become even more important.

The Reported Death of Peak Oil Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Algae - A source of biofuel Algae as a source of Biofuel posses certain advantages. Algae produce oil, and because of their growth rate and yields, they could produce a lot more than other energy crops.

Some estimates suggest that microalgae are capable of producing up to 15, gallons of oil per Hectare a year.

This could be converted into fuels, chemicals and more.

An analysis of various aspects of world oil market

Microalgae, specifically, possess several attractive characteristics in the context of energy and biofuels: They provide much higher yields of biomass and fuels, times higher than comparable energy crops. They can be grown under conditions which are unsuitable for conventional crop production.

Microalgae are capable of fixing CO2 in the atmosphere, thus facilitating the reduction of increasing atmospheric CO2 levels, which are now considered a global problem.

Algae biofuel is non-toxic, contains no sulfur, and is highly biodegradable. To know more about Algae, buy our Comprehensive Oilgae report with its recent updated version. List of contents under this topic include Energy from Algae.The factors that are supporting the growth of the hydrogen market include increasing preference for onsite hydrogen generation systems, increasing technological developments, increasing use of hydrogen across various industry verticals and introduction of green production technologies.

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The global heat exchanger market was valued at USD billion in and is expected to reach USD billion by at a CAGR of % from to Analysis of the World Oil Crops Market Jeremy W. Mattson, Changyou Sun, and Won W. Koo* INTRODUCTION Oilseeds are among the most important agricultural commodities worldwide.

Oilseed meal and edible oil can be obtained from the crushing of oilseeds.

Hydrogen Market - Global Growth, & Forecast to

Although in some Asian countries, as. The market report provides forecast and analysis of the HDPE bottles market at the global level. It provides the historical data of along with a forecast for to in terms of revenue (US$ Mn) and volume (Mn units) for the HDPE bottles market.

Further information on our World Oil Market reports can be found by downloading our latest brochure. analysis, and data on Europe's oil market and the position it plays within the global oil marketplace.

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Purchase Today ! Introduction Like prices of other commodities the price of crude oil experiences wide price swings in times of shortage or oversupply. We will discuss the impact of geopolitical events, supply demand and stocks as well as NYMEX trading and the economy.
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