American literature mark twain

Library of Congress To get the right word in the right place is a rare achievement. He later piloted steamboats on the Mississippi River and traveled west to mine for gold and silver.

American literature mark twain

Twain is also considered the greatest humorist in American literature. Twain's varied works include novels, travel narratives, short stories, sketches, and essays. Mark Twain was born on Nov.

Inhis family moved to Hannibal, Missouri, a village on the Mississippi River. Here the young American literature mark twain experienced the excitement of the colorful steamboats that docked at the town wharf, bringing comedians, singers, gamblers, swindlers, slave dealers, and assorted other river travelers.

Twain also gained his first experience in a print shop in Hannibal. After his father died in debt inTwain went to work for a newspaper and printing firm. Inhe began assisting his older brother Orion in the production of a newspaper, the Hannibal Journal. Twain contributed reports, poems, and humorous sketches to the Journal for several years.

Like many American authors of his day, Twain had little formal education. Instead of attending high school and college, he gained his education in print shops and newspaper offices. InTwain left Hannibal, displaying the yearning for travel that he would experience throughout his life.

He stayed briefly in cities such as St. He then traveled to Keokuk, Iowa, to assist his brother with more printing business.

At this point, he made a decision with important consequences for his life and career.

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Instead of traveling to South America, he persuaded a riverboat pilot named Horace Bixby to teach him the skills of piloting. By AprilTwain had become a licensed riverboat pilot. The profession of riverboat piloting paid well and brought Twain much attention, which he enjoyed.

His piloting experiences also allowed him to observe the many kinds of people who traveled aboard the steamboats. He later reported that "in that brief, sharp schooling, I got personally and familiarly acquainted with about all the different types of human nature that are to be found in fiction, biography, or history.

The beginning of the American Civil War abruptly closed commercial traffic on the Mississippi River.

Short Stories

After serving for two weeks with a Confederate volunteer company, Twain chose not to become involved in the war. He traveled to Carson City, Nevada, in with his brother Orion.

American literature mark twain

Later, in Roughing ItTwain humorously described his unsuccessful attempts at prospecting for gold and silver during this time and his eventual conclusion that he must support himself by newspaper journalism. He first began publishing under his pen name on Feb.

Twain next drifted westward to California, where he wrote for the San Francisco Morning Call and a literary journal, the Californian.

InTwain traveled to the Hawaiian Islands, where he acted as a correspondent for the Sacramento Union. Following his return to San Francisco, he began a profitable lecture tour.

Twain soon began to sense that his talents were growing beyond the limitations of the West Coast newspapers and magazines of his day.

Success and fame Return to the East. In the book, Twain ridiculed the sights and manners of the countries he visited, and the American tourists traveling abroad.

Encouraged by the prospect of future wealth from a literary career, Twain courted a young woman from Elmira, New York, named Olivia L.

Langdon, whose brother had sailed with him on the Quaker City. The couple were wed on Feb. Following Twain's brief career as a newspaper editor and columnist in Buffalo, New York, he and his wife moved to Hartford, Connecticut, in Their infant son, Langdon, died inbut three daughters, Susy, Clara, and Jean, were born between and Productive years in Hartford.

InTwain and his family moved into a luxurious new room house in Hartford. There, Twain entertained many prominent authors. Literary periodicals in Boston and New York City published many of his writings.

He wrote it with his friend and fellow Hartford writer, Charles Dudley Warner. The title refers to the decades following the Civil War.Born on November 30, , in Florida, Missouri, Samuel L.

Clemens wrote under the pen name Mark Twain and went on to author several novels, including two major classics of American literature. Mark Twain was a talented writer, speaker and humorist whose own personality shined through his work.

As his writing grew in popularity, he became a public figure and iconic American whose work represents some of the best in the genre of Realism. Mark Twain: not an American but the American 'All American literature comes from one book called Huckleberry Finn,' Hemingway declared.

The novel remains both one of the most beloved and. “The older I grow the more I am convinced that Mark Twain was, by long odds, the largest figure that ever reared itself out of the flat, damp prairie of American literature.” —H.

L. Mencken () “Twain’s humor is indestructible.  Mark Twain: A Man of Many Tales Mark Twain, the father of American literature, was a prominent figure in the writing world.

He used realism in his works and created American based tales drawn from his own life and experiences.

Mark Twain helped to pioneer the American realist tradition, and regionalism in particular, in direct response to the unrealistic sentimentalism of romantic novels. In a humorous but cruel essay titled “Fenimore Cooper’s Literary Offences,” Twain claims that his predecessor James Fenimore Cooper’s novel Deerslayer “scored offences.

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