A description of the thin red line the 1964 black and white picture version

This blog reviews war movies with special emphasis on historical accuracy. It was filmed in Spain which was seemingly an odd choice for representing Guadalcanal.

A description of the thin red line the 1964 black and white picture version

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Spoilers "A new motto: Even the word conveys heft, a certain assurance. No loss of focus here. But what stood out about "Line" was the way it read more like a Vietnam precursor than a novel about WW2.

Having himself fought at Guadlacanal, Jones had no time for the usual "greatest generation" and "noble war" fabrications.

His novel was filled with drunks, cowards, thieves, sodomites, slackers, homosexuals and only occasionally heroes. His grunts battled mind-numbing tedium, fatigue, disease, nature, each other and their officers as much as they did the Japanese, and when victories were won, they were fairly meaningless.

But for Jones, war was more than an overpowering injustice. His characters were separated into those who found themselves trapped in an indeterministic universe, wholly overwhelmed by circumstance, and those who turned war into a private struggle, a means of finding existential authenticity.

This polarity is typical of war novels of the era, the theme of individuals as mere cogs in the war machine introduced by master authors like Dos Passos "Through the Wheat" and "Three Soldiers" and Thomas Boyd and carried on in the works of artists like Norman Mailer, Joseph Heller, Stephen Wright, William March, and James Jones.

Heavily influenced by post war existentialism, all these novelists offered only the faintest suggestion of hope for the individual. So beyond war, these artists used combat as an avenue to examine the plight of the individual caught up in and beleaguered by our twentieth century industry culture, the battlefield experience standing in for political and social cognition in our time.

For these authors, free choice is not possible; we choose based upon economic necessities, upon psychic drives, or upon the indoctrination of our social upbringing.

But Jones always went further than trendy existentialism and one-note defeatism. What his novels did was set up oppositions, or opposing ideologies, and set them at war.

Observe how he has one pair of characters embody different philosophical positions: For the other, if war is a product of human choice, then three general groupings of causation - biological, cultural, and reason — can be identified and confronted.

This method of philosophical investigation continues throughout the novel. Another pair of characters, for example, battle over whether or not war is ever morally justifiable.

Such a description corresponds to a Heraclitean "War is the father of all things" or Hegelian philosophy in which change physical, social, political, economical, etc can only arise out of conflict.

Unfortunately the film received little promotion and quickly faded into obscurity and is today mostly known for featuring an early performance by actor Keir Dullea. Decades later, "Line" would once again be adapted, this time by director Terrence Malick.Patriot Wood’s Thin Red Line Wood Flag integrates the prominent red stripe of the Thin Red Line emblem into a black-and-white version of the American flag for a beautiful and symbolic combination.

The term “thin red line” originated during the Crimean War when British Sutherland Highlanders 93rd Regiment, aided by a small force of Royal Marines and some Turkish infantrymen, routed a Russian cavalry .

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A description of the thin red line the 1964 black and white picture version

x 15 in. This flag comes with grommets.

The Thin Red Line () - The Thin Red Line () - User Reviews - IMDb

% Polyester Fabric Material. Double-Sided / 2 Ply Flag THIN RED LINE 11in X 15in Flag with GROMMETS $ Not the new, version however; accidentally picked up the black and white picture. The story line and plot going on in the movie is very hard to understand, and I read very different from the book The Thin Red Line, but I got the main gist of it.

For example, Witt and Walsh in the version both quote a lot from another Jones novel, called "From Here To Eternity", and not from "A Thin Red Line". The main storyline, namely the clash between the Private and his Captain, is almost completely left out of the Malick film.

Thin Red Line flag is a 3'x'5 Black Nylon field with a Red applique stripe on both sides. The flag has a canvas heading and brass grommets and a . The Thin Red Line is the story of a rifle company within the Army's 25th Division, which arrived on Guadalcanal in November of to reinforce the Marines.

At that point in the battle, the thousands of Japanese troops who were still on the island had adopted .

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